Preserving Your Children,
Your Money and Your Sanity

Civilized Divorce is not an oxymoron!
Get educated today and take control of your divorce process.

Are you:

  • Just entering the divorce process and looking to get educated?
  • In the middle of your divorce and it's not going as smoothly as you'd like?
  • Nearing the end of your divorce and still not understanding what is really going on?

If this is you then you have certainly come to the right place!

If you are separating or divorcing and have any interest in keeping that process as civilized and respectful and cost effective as possible, then you need information. For most people, this is the first (and hopefully only!) time in their lives when they will go through this process. You are likely feeling some (or all) of the following:

  • Somewhere between Nervous and Terrified
  • Somewhere between Unsure and Totally Disoriented
  • Somewhere between Uncomfortable and Guilty
  • Somewhere between Ill-informed and Ignorant

Get 10 Crucial Divorce Tips Right Now!

  • Save your children from the pain of divorce
  • Save valuable time and preserve your money
  • Save yourself from the devastating emotional roller coaster
  • Do all this without panicking!





You Are Not Alone!

As a registered family mediator for the last 12 years, I have worked with over 1000 women, men, and couples who have experienced many of the same emotions, frustrations, and challenges you may be.

With this product, my goal is to share my experience to help as many people as possible.

The Creating a Civilized Video Library now has over a 150 videos (click here to see the complete list of video topics) which aim to answer every question we can think of about how to approach, prepare, behave, understand and set yourself up with the best possibility of having your divorce be a springboard for a better life rather than the devastating event that defines the rest of your life.


Be Prepared!

In my experience, too many people turn to the legal system without first having a basic knowledge of their options, their position, and objective, professional guidance and direction. I have dedicated several videos to helping you know where to start, what kinds of questions to ask, and what your options are. With a firm foundation, I personally guarantee that you will save time and money when you decide to pursue personal professional services.

If these videos save you 15 minutes of lawyer time they will have more than paid for themselves! We guarantee that the information in these videos will save you that and a whole lot more. And our 30 day money back guarantee is there to back up that claim – no questions asked.


The Creating a Civilized Divorce Video Library Will Answer Your Questions


  • What steps to take
  • How to take those steps
  • Where to find help
  • What to look for in the professionals you consult
  • How to deal with all those feelings
  • What’s really in the best interests of the children
  • What to do with your assets and debts
  • What about child and spousal support
  • And provide you with options and ideas that may never have occurred to you!
  • Click here to see the complete list of video topics

Approach your spouse, your lawyer, your family and friends, and yourself with confidence, knowledge and the strength to make good decisions at this unnerving, unsettling, uncomfortable stage of your life.


That’s an Awful Lot of Videos to Watch

The Creating a Civilized Divorce Video Library contains over 150 short, to the point videos each of which answers one direct question. Click here to see the complete list of video topics. So no wading through 15 or 30 minutes of video footage to find the one answer you’re looking for (or to re-find that one great idea that you heard in something you were watching a few days ago!). It’s all there, in easily digestible pieces that allow you to get answers to today’s questions, today.

The most common comment that I hear after providing this sort of information to clients in their initial consultation meetings (which, by the way, cost them 5-10 times this amount!) is “oh, I feel so much better now”. Have I put their relationship back together? NO! Have I made all their problems go away? NO! Have I alleviated their fears? YES and NO! – now they information about the things they genuinely should be paying attention to and not carrying around a whole basket full of unnecessary fears.


What About All the Stories I Hear?

The media tells us about the most extreme, most contentious, most gossip-rich divorce cases they can find. Our family and friends (in the name of supporting us) will often tell us about the awful experience that so-and-so had and how badly such-and-suches ex-spouse behaved and how you need to PROTECT yourself from the incredibly horrible things that no doubt your ex-spouse is plotting and planning.

YIKES! No wonder people are so quick to jump into using the biggest litigation lawyer they can find.

Thankfully your reality does not have to be like this. More and more people just like you are creating Civilized Divorces everyday.

Civilized does not mean conflict free. It does not mean that you will agree n every issue right from the start. It doesn’t mean that you will get every single thing that you think you want.

Civilized does mean that you will respectfully work out the details of the logistics surrounding your children, your assets and debts, and your cash flow in a cost effective, time effective and emotionally effective manner. Your kids will be better off, your bank account will be better off and your sanity will be better off!

Consider the alternative – you’ve likely witnessed it in a friend, a family member or a colleague. Divorce is everywhere.


AND There’s Case Studies!

In addition to all of the information rich, thought provoking videos we have case studies outlining how different people have solved different problems. Highly creative ways of:


  • allowing the matrimonial home to be retained
  • working the children’s scheduling so that they can continue to be primarily cared for by one or both parents
  • intertwining cash flow needs and property retention so that everyone can manage
  • dealing with future benefit assets such as stock options
  • creating varying schedules so that all of each child’s needs are met
  • and much more!


Don’t Get Stuck in the Either/Or

A Civilized Divorce opens the door to creative solutions that are win-win-win (Mom, Dad and the kids).

Let these videos inform you, educate you, save you money and even entertain you!


Here’s a Detailed Outline of All the Topic and Videos in the Vault

Each question or statement is one video!



The Lead Up

  • Growing Apart
  • Adultery
  • Physical Abuse
  • Mental or Emotional Abuse
  • Marriage Counseling
  • The Final Straw
  • Can There be Adultery After Separation


Who Made The Decision?

  • When You’re the Decision Maker
  • For the Decision Maker – Where You’ve Likely Been
  • For the Decision Maker – What You’re Likely Seeing in Them
  • How Slow is Too Slow?
  • When You’re the Decision Receiver
  • For the Decision Receiver – Where You’ve Likely Been
  • For the Decision Receiver – What You’re Likely Seeing in Them
  • How Fast is Too Fast?
  • When the Decision is Mutual


Power Imbalances

  • What If There Are Power Imbalances?
  • An Imbalance in Relationship With the Children
  • An Imbalance in Money Making Ability
  • An Imbalance in Financial Knowledge
  • The Power Imbalance Created by Abuse

Process Choices

  • What Process is Right For Us?
  • The Kitchen Table Process
  • The Mediation Process
  • The Collaborative Law Process
  • The Traditional Law Process
  • The Litigation Process
  • In Defense of the Law
  • In Defense of Lawyers



More About Mediation

  • Types of Mediation
  • Three Way Mediation
  • Five Way Mediation
  • Shuttle Mediation
  • Having a Successful Mediation
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Being Open to Alternatives
  • Being Willing to Create a Win-Win
  • Co-creating a New Relationship


Grounds For Divorce

  • What are Grounds for Divorce?
  • Living Separate and Apart/Irreconcilable Differences
  • Adultery
  • Abuse/Cruelty



What The Children Really Need

  • The Single Most Important Thing
  • Getting the Children’s Voices into the Process
  • Keeping the House “For the Kids”
  • Introducing the Children To Their New Home
  • One Home or Two?
  • Managing Transitions
  • Accounting for Time
  • Loyalty Issues
  • The Caretaker Child
  • The Angry Child
  • The Games Children Play

All Kinds of Parenting Arrangements

  • What is Custody?
  • Legal Custody
  • Physical Custody
  • Physical Custody and Child Support
  • What is Primary Residential Parenting?
  • When Does Primary Residential Parenting Make Sense?
  • The Importance of a Regular Schedule
  • Different Primary Residential Schedules
  • Avoiding the “Disneyland Parent” Syndrome
  • What is Shared Parenting?
  • When Does Shared Parenting Make Sense?
  • Different Shared Parenting Schedules
  • Transition Days for a One Week Schedule*
  • Traveling With Your Children
  • Sharing Information
  • Sharing Appointments
  • School and Extracurricular Events
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Other Emergencies
  • Parallel Parenting
  • Holidays

Where Will We All Live?

  • Thoughts About Keeping the Matrimonial Home
  • The Emotional Impact of Keeping the Matrimonial Home
  • The Practicalities of Keeping the Matrimonial Home
  • Thoughts on Sharing the Matrimonial Home
  • The Pitfalls of Sharing the Matrimonial Home
  • Rules of Engagement When Sharing the Matrimonial Home
  • Living in Close Proximity
  • Living Next Door
  • Living Close, But Not That Close
  • Living in the Same City – At a Distance
  • Living in Different Cities

How Does Child Support Work?

  • General Approach to Child Support
  • Child Support in a Primary Residential Situation
  • Child Support in a Shared Parenting Situation
  • What Are Shared Expenses and How to Deal With Them?
  • What If I Have Difficulty Collection Child Support?
  • How and When Does Child Support Get Reviewed?


Thoughts From A Therapist

  • What Does Your Child Hear When You Say “Divorce”
  • Why Children Tell Their Parents Different Things
  • How to Ask Your Children Really Good Questions
  • What Should/Shouldn’t I Tell My Child?
  • Talking About Transgressions
  • Are Children Bonded to Their Beds or Their Parents?
  • Transitioning Your Parenting Arrangements
  • “You Don’t Deserve to See the Children”
  • Supporting Your Child By Supporting the Less Involved Parent
  • Trying to Control How Each of You Parent
  • Working with Strengths and Frailties



All About Assets and Debts?

  • What Are Matrimonial Assets and Debts?
  • Pre-nuptial or Cohabitation Agreements
  • The Choice is Yours – If You Can Agree
  • The Basic Principle
  • Specific Assets and Debts
  • The Matrimonial Home
  • Realtor Fees
  • Personal and Household Goods
  • Vehicles
  • Inheritances
  • Pre-Marriage Assets and Debts
  • Pension and Other Retirement Savings
  • Employer Stock, Profit and Deferred Savings Plans
  • Stock Options
  • General Investments
  • If You Own a Business
  • Family Property
  • Gifts
  • Giving Money to Your Children
  • Case Studies




  • What’s Alimony All About?
  • Circumstances Relevant to Alimony
  • Goal of Alimony
  • Talking About Self-Sufficiency
  • How Much Alimony?
  • Tax Considerations and Alimony
  • How Long Does Alimony Last?
  • Major Changes in Circumstance
  • Ways That Alimony Can Be Paid
  • Case Studies



Basic Beliefs

  • It Takes Two
  • The Children’s Needs Come First
  • In the Best Interests of the Child
  • The Difficulty With Entitlementt


Going Down An Attitudinal Rat Hole

  • What’s an Attitudinal Rat Hole?
  • They Need to Pay For What They’ve Done
  • My Life Shouldn’t Change
  • They Should Just Get Over It
  • It’s Not Fair
  • They Don’t Deserve to See Their Kids
  • I’m Entitled To …
  • Fine Then, I’ll See You in Court
  • No Judge in Their Right Mind Will …
  • You Paid For Nothing, You Get Nothing
  • Sex With the Ex


Some Wise Philosophies

  • What’s So Wise About Them?
  • Children Bond With Their Caregivers Not Their Beds
  • It is Possible to Be Awful Spouses and Awesome Co-Parents
  • The Children Do Not Belong To You
  • The Children Have a Right to a Relationship With Each of You
  • The Best Revenge Is a Good Life


Silver Linings

  • Yes, There Really Are Silver Linings
  • Two Households
  • Time to Yourself
  • Time For Each Child
  • More Celebrations



If, within 30 days of purchase, you are not entirely satisfied with this product you can request a full refund by emailing me at No questions asked (though I’d love to hear your feedback if you’re willing to give it to me!)